The free, collective energy game "IMPULSE" has gathered more than 100,000 people from all over the world
Sometimes an Impulse is enough to change everything
The "Impulse" energy game
of thousands of people from all corners of the world.
A community
that promotes self-awareness, increases energy, upgrades all life areas, manifests true intentions, and transforms reality without effort and struggle.
A space
of the world in a new way - based on the highest spiritual knowledge and knowing yourself as the Creator.
A perception
It starts January 1st
To participate in the game please fill out the form below. Do not close this page after submitting the form — wait to be automatically forwarded to the game's chat in Telegram.

Join the chat and wait for the game to start. You will find instructions and game rules in the pinned message inside the chat.

This is not psychological training. Psychology is a rather limited science. It is outdated and not the most effective way to transform a person. Impulse surpasses it in speed and quality of results.
This is not an "online marathon" or a course on materializing desires. The game does not fulfill any thoughtless "wishes" that can harm you, but gives an Impulse to understand what you need and what you don't, and an Impulse of energy to achieve it.
This is not "the practice of positive thinking". This is a new level of interaction with oneself and the world - a higher, more honest, more conscious one.
This is not a visualization technique. The impulse works only with and through the present moment and does not use fruitless fantasies and visualizations of a non-existent future.
There is no homework, teacher, or test in the game - the responsibility of results is completely on you. Whether you try or not, skip sessions or not, this is entirely your choice.
There are no moderators in the game. I interact with you directly, without intermediaries. Just you and me.
IMPULSE - a new and never before experienced format of collective interaction
It doesn't matter whether you believe in it or not, what religion you profess, what nationality you are, what gender or age you are.

The result for each participant in the game will be unique. The Impulse you receive will upgrade all areas of life, but most importantly it will upgrade what most needs to be changed, healed and improved.
A collective energy game that has been played by over 100,000 people.

A game that transforms consciousness and external reality.

An Energy Impulse, the purpose of which is to take you to a new level in all areas of life.

An energetic community of people capable of transforming their reality according to their intention.

A shared space where Intentions materialize.

An energetic purifier that raises to the surface of your consciousness that which needs to be transformed, healing at all levels and transforming all aspects of life.
Upgrade and heal all areas of life
Cleanse your energy system from negative patterns, traumas, destructive programs and blocks
Eliminate stress, apathy and eating disorders
Improve relationships with yourself and others. meet your soulmate
Improve financial clarity. realize your life purpose
Connect with the Creator inside you and manifest your true desires
Nina Verkoeyen is a spiritual teacher, author of 5 books and a dozen methods of mind and body transformation. She created her first meditation method at the age of 11. She appeared on the cover of Russian Yoga Journal twice.

Nina holds a degree in psychology from the famous Lomonosov Moscow State University. Nina is married and has a daughter.

IMPULSE is a powerful tool that transforms reality and changes external events for the better. The effect is seen most vividly in the areas of your life that most need improvement, change, and healing.

The outside world is an inner Game. Start playing by new rules to start living a new life.
The result of each participant depends on the quality of the assembled energy community. The result of the whole community depends on each participant. For the duration of the Game, we become a single whole with one goal - transforming ourselves, purifying ourselves and our path, upgrading all spheres of life and, most importantly, realizing ourselves as its Creator.
Whether you participate in the Game or not, only you decide. It all comes down to one thing - do you feel the call of the Impulse or not. Are you ready to accept it or not? the answer is your compass for making a decision.
If you are a fatalist, believe in destiny, you don't yet know that external reality is malleable and can be molded to your intentions, or you don't want to take responsibility for your own direction - this community game is not for you.

If you are ready to take the first step towards becoming the Creator of your reality, welcome to the Game and the Impulse community.
Where does the game take place?
The game takes place in a Telegram chat. After you submit the registration form you will be redirected to the game's chat.
How much does it cost to join the game?
The game has always been and will always be free of charge. Its mission is to lift the consciousness of the human collective and spark an interest in obtaining spiritual Truth.
What are the rules of the game?
You can find rules and instructions for the game in the game chat as a pinned message.
Where and at what time are the energy sessions held?
Daily remote energy sessions are held at 12pm EST. There is no need to be online in the chat during the session. You can be anywhere and still participate. All the details about how the game is done can be found in the game chat's pinned message.
What to do if I missed a session?
Attend the next one!
Is it dangerous to connect energetically with so many people?
No. No one can hurt you energetically except through your own fears and superstitions. The game's pure intention is to bring energy and opportunity to the lives of each participant. The game is operating on the highest spiritual level, and is based in love and truth. It is not dangerous and doesn't affect you in negative ways.
Can I participate in the game if I am muslim/christian/jew etc?
This game is about becoming more conscious and more energetic. It doesn't matter what your religion is. People of any race, religion, belief, age can participate.
Can children participate?
This game is a group interaction for adults. It is neither recommended nor will affect anyone under 16. If you are a mother you can have your baby next to you during the session.
Can I participate if I am pregnant?
What should I do if I feel strange physical sensations during the session - tingling, cold, hot, goosebumps, headache or nausea?
Drink more water right before and after the session. Some physical sensations like tingling, feeling hot or cold, and other feelings might arise as an individual reaction to the energy intake. This is not dangerous and will dissipate with each new session as your body acclimates.
Can I participate if I am sick? Or if I get sick while in the game?
The game is not the cause of the onset or exacerbation of physical illness. But your incorrect PERCEPTION of the Game (nervousness, impatience, attaching great importance to the Game, tension during the sessions) can cause a decrease in immunity, exacerbation of chronic diseases and psychological problems. The game itself never causes illness. But your overreaction to the Game (as well as to everything else in life) can. This choice of yours may coincide with the dates of the Game. But again - the Game does not and cannot cause any diseases.
Will I see results if I don't believe in energy and in this game?
No, your belief in energy will not affect your results. The Game works at a level higher than the Mind, and the presence of faith in the Game in you does not matter. Rather, even on the contrary - the less expectations you have from the Game, the more you are energetically relaxed, then the higher the level of acceptance of the Impulse.
What does it mean that the game is a first step?
Impulse is the first step in a 4-step author's method of transforming inner personality and outer reality. The next three steps are the main FREE webinar "The Beginning" (step 2), then the Course of Lectures "The Truth" (step 3), and then the final step 4, the "The Energetics of Business" course (for those who want to find their life purpose) and express Truth through their work.
How do I make my friends join?
Invite your friends to fill out the registration form on